Artwork by Adrienne Adam, Stephen Patterson, Nils-Udo and Urs-P. Twellmann


Bansuri by Manose (Nepal)
Kora by B. Tounkara (Mali)
Duduk by A. Stepanyan (Armenia)
Santur by N. Muley (India)
Compilation by Various Artists

This exquisite box set contains four albums of ancient meditation muisc from around the world. Included are full length releases from Armen Stepanyan, Manose, Nandkishor Muley and Balla Tounkara packaged in a collectible portfolio case.


This box set contains the following full length albums:

  • Spa Song Duduk by Armen Stepanyan
  • Spa Song Bansuri by Manose
  • Spa Song Santur by Nandkishor Muley
  • Spa Song Kora by Balla Tounkara